I loved the word “5R” when I had been working for cosmetic products development at previous job. It is about the color wheel. I used to measure color purity, maintain a database of the colors commercialized and being aware of the trend in those days.

I was trying to measure any color; lipstick, eyeshadow, liquid, solid and everything. The numerical value was analysed. I could find a lot of information and inspirations for development of new cosmetic products.

However, I found that there was a subtle difference in nuance of pearls shinning. Pearls are one of the ingredients which is beautifully shining and also can change how the colors look. When large glittering pearls that contrast with base color, they look like jewels speckled on the surface, and fine pearls can be delicate materials giving bright and lucid shining on the eyelids. I was attracted by such magical, elegant and fascinating effects pearls create that is more than I expect and cannot be measured.

It has been 12 years since I started my handbag brand after working for a cosmetic company, and always have been involved in creating for women. Therefore, I think it is natural for me to work on making original perfume. To imagine a scent vaguely first and focus it to find what I want gradually, this process was exciting to me reminding me of those days; attractive women I met for monitoring, a German lady having captivating emerald green eyes, a Croatian lady with luster blond hair, an Italian lady had beautiful bronzed skin and charming freckles. I made this perfume remembering those women.

Through a process of trial and error, one day a scent that has natural nuance of pearl and shines like jewels had appeared. My memory and the scent were connected then.

Coquette Designer
Kyoko Hayashi

Volume: 50mL
Price: 8,800yen (tax excluded)
Nov. 4th , 2015 on sal


Kyoko Hayashi is collection line of Coquette handbag.
The handbag are glamorous companion for elegant evening events and your special occasion.